The most common mistake that can sabotage your business in 3 seconds

the-most-common-mistakeAn article I wrote for  Millo, an American blog for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs.

3 seconds is a pretty long time.

We usually form an opinion based on visual perceptions much faster.

Just think about how quickly you “scan” a brochure on its way from your mail to your waste box or what’s the longest you’ve waited for a webpage to load, before abandoning a site.

According to Kissmetrics, 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 sec to load.

Now try to remember how you felt entering a beautifully decorated workplace or what your first thoughts were about the owner of an exquisite business card.

First impressions are crucial!

Creating a great first impression is crucial and often your only chance to grab customers’ attention.

Consciously or subconsciously, our choices are quite influenced by a unique presentation of a brand or product. Visual communication is the basic tool of advertising.

However, a large number of freelancers and small business owners are sabotaging themselves, with a poor, even lousy image. What makes matters worse: they’re totally unaware of this damage!

I daily visit commercial spaces, websites and blogs, see tons of print or digital promotion material, watch videos, slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. The majority of them have something in common: low-quality design.

This explains why so many people are used or even addicted to it. Bad design is everywhere, even in the creative industry.

Your business image can become your precious, silent assistant that sells before you even say a word. All you have to do is to apply the basic rules of image marketing.

But, what exactly is your business image…

Whatever represents you or/and your brand visually, such as:

  • Your logo and brand.
  • Your online presence – website, blog, social media pages, newsletter, ads and all sort of promotional material, like videos and slideshows or PowerPoint presentations.
  • Your offline presence – your business card and stationery and all print material representing or promoting your brand.
  • Your physical presence – your professional space, which can be your office, studio, shop, the place where you meet your clients or you showcase your work and products.
  • And of course, you and your team!

So what is image marketing?

According to Cambridge dictionary definition, image marketing is:

“the job of creating and influencing people’s opinions about a company and its brand so that they want to buy its products or services. Image marketing should create a presence for your brand and leverage that presence to create customer relationships.”

In short, a smart and tasteful presentation of your brand automatically sends a powerful, positive message to your potential clients.

Not only you connect your brand with high quality and classy design, but you’re considered as a reliable, trustworthy, competent and experienced professional. On the contrary, a crappy business image can instantly degrade you to a B class amateur.

So, what keeps you from being and looking like an A class professional? 

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